Strategic Plan

University of Waikato Hockey Club Strategic Plan

To promote the development of hockey in the Midlands region at all levels by enabling both University Students and the wider community to participate and achieve in the sport of hockey.


  • To be the most successful club in the region in terms of both results and membership.
  • To provide the best environment possible in which our members can achieve their hockey goals, through the provision of high quality coaching, equipment, and mentoring.
  • To promote the participation and involvement of our members in the club’s activities, management, and social events.
  • To achieve these goals while maintaining a high level of financial security and stability for the club.

Core Values

  • Good sportsmanship and a respect for the game of hockey
  • Teamwork and team culture
  • Striving for success and performing to your potential
  • Being innovative and pioneering new concepts, tactics and ideas
  • Having fun both on and off the field
  • Varsity for Life!!