About Us

The University of Waikato Hockey Club is an Incorporated Society and not for profit. The Club is run by an elected committee of club members whose responsibility it is to see that the club runs smoothly in accordance to the constitution. A copy of this lengthy and really interesting document is available upon request.

You don't have to attend the University to play for the club, and while approximately half of our players are currently students, the other half cover a wide variety of ages and backgrounds.

Our Teams

We have 8 teams in the Waikato competition, men and women, across all grades (premier, premier reserve, reserve, third division). We cater to all levels of play, provide coaching and equipment to our teams, as well as many social events throughout the year.

Our History

The club was established in 1960, initially as the Waikato Teachers College, and a few years later expanded to include the Waikato University when the College moved onto the grounds of the fledgling University. It became an Incorporated Society in 2002, was a founding member of University of Waikato Sports Clubs when it began in 2010, and was granted charitable status in 2012.