Club Hub

The University is now using Club Hub for managing sports clubs.

Club Hub is mandatory for all club members.

It has been set up for our members to register as a club member with all their details and will reduce paper form filling. Member details will be saved for ongoing seasons. The Club Hub also takes members through to their subs for the season and outlines payment options including online banking. We will add to the hub during the season with notices and allow coaches to email their players during the season. Please note that coaches need to register as well so we can set them up to email their players etc.

Here is the link to club hub for you to register:

1. You need to register. This will also take you through subs info.
2. An email confirming your email address will be sent to you.
3. You need to confirm your email address.
4. Then go to Tasks - Make a payment which will have subs to pay.

The first half payment of subs is due 7th April. The second half is due June 9th.