Quiz Night!

Varsity Quiz Night, with Quiz Master William Harding!

Great chance to meet your club, socialise with your team mates and kick the year off with a bang.

The theme this year is APOCALYPSE 2012! Some say that according to the ancient Mayan civilisation the world will end this year, though there is no mention of how this might occur. Put together a team and come up with some cool costumes reflecting how you think armageddon will happen. Will it be zombies, giant asteroids or aliens? Perhaps Judgment Day itself or maybe a machine takeover of the planet is just around the corner a la Terminator and The Matrix? Are we doomed to become a race of irradiated mutants in a nuclear winter? Or will a nuclear apocalypse cause us to regress into a bunch of savages and marauders?

Where: Gallagher Hockey Centre
Date: 31 March 2012
Time: 7pm
Cost: $5 per person

Pretty topical theme, so get creative and come up with some sweet apocalypse-themed costumes and be in to win some epic prizes.