Prizegiving 2014 Awards

After another great year at Varsity Hockey these are the awards from prizegiving.

Club Awards:

Contribution to Club - Cherie Boult
Contribution to Premier Women- Gemma Sweeney
Coach of the Year- Greg Middleton
Female Player of the Year - Kirsty Harris
Male Player of the Year - Tony Hopping
Most Promising Female Player - Megan Hull
Most Promising Male Player - Josh Rainey
Sportswoman of the Year - Fiona Skene
Sportsman of the Year - Brendon Jones
Female Masterblaster - Emma Andrews
Male Masterblaster - Adam Jurisich
Supporter of the Year - Cherie Boult



Team Awards:

Premier Men
 * Most Valuable Player: Gaurav Correa
 * Most Improved Player: Brook Daly
Premier A Women
 * Most Valuable Player: Kirsty Harris
 * Most Improved Player: Libby Clement
Premier B Women
 * Most Valuable Player: Nicki Casey
 * Most Improved Player: Brodi Muschamp
Reserve A Men
 * Most Valuable Player: Ross Howard
 * Most Improved Player: Matthew Davis
Reserve B Men
 * Most Valuable Player: Kieran Sisam
 * Most Improved Player: Scott Managh
Reserve A Women
 * Most Valuable Player: Fiona Skene
 * Most Improved Player: Kate Friend
Reserve B Women
 * Most Valuable Player: Katie Drummond
 * Most Improved Player: Kelsey Priest
Third Division Men
 * Most Valuable Player: Nathan Diamond
 * Most Improved Player: Matthew Yung
Third Division Women
 * Most Valuable Player: Mikaela Eagles
 * Most Improved Player: Emma Boyd
Social Women
 * Most Valuable Player: Mel Mckenzie
 * Most Improved Player: Keri Reihana-Dickin