Club Awards

Thanks to everyone who came along to prizegiving and made it a great night, as well as congratulations to all our award winners! Check after the jump for a full list of award winners from the club prizegiving.

Club Award winners:

Coach of the year: Sonja Rennie
Sportsman of the year: Russell Beales
Sportswoman of the year: Gemma Sweeney
Contribution to prem women: Maurice Payne
Contribution to club: Izzy Turner
Supporter of the year: Jacob Camilleri

Masterblaster men: Connor Herewini
Masterblaster women: Olivia Scotland
Most promising men: Connor Herewini
Most promising women: Alia Jaques
Player of the year men: Matt Rees-Gibbs
Player of the year women: Brooke Neal

Most dedicated awards:
 SalonID: Veronica Shanks
 Creative Plastics: Rhiannon Bond

Recognition of long service and high performance:
 Tony Hopping. More than 400 premier games for the club, and still going!


Team award winners:

Storage King:
 MVP Kirsty Harris
 MIP Rachel Smith

 MVP Matt Rees-Gibbs
 MIP Dan Aitken

PR Carter Contracting:
 MVP Lucy Olphert
 MIP Stacey Fifield

 MVP Andrew Mole
 MIP Kieran McLean

 MVP Nicki Casey
 MIP Meg Dawson

Visique Rose:
 MVP Ross Howard
 MIP Matt Davis

 MVP Janelle Hipper
 MIP Cherie Boult

 MVP Kieran McGirr
 MIP Ross Gardiner

Creative Plastics:
 MVP Emma Sharp
 MIP Sara Greenfield

 MVP Scott Managh
 MIP Rhys Newton